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Char-Broiled Steaks Are Here!

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Martha’s Has A New Custom Made Char-Broiler!

Starting tonight your steaks will be cooked to perfection with the taste sealed in!

Here Is Tonight’s Menu!

Prime Rib – $16.95

16 oz. Tomahawk Steak – $23.95

16 oz. New York Steak – $18.95

12 oz. Ribeye – $16.95

Tenderloin Tips and Fried Shrimp – $15.95


All You Can Eat Catfish – $11.95 (no sharing or take out)

Broiled Seafood Combo – $14.95

Pick Your Choice Of One Below:

Fried Frog Legs

Fried Calamari

Fried Oysters

Fried Shrimp

$12.95 Each

Above Includes Your Choice Of Two Sides and Soup or Salad!

breakfast - pizza

Breakfast Pizza!

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Button Down The Hatches!!!

Martha’s Breakfast Pizza will blow you away!

Pizza Crust made from Eggs and the toppings are Ham, Cheese, Onions and Green Peppers! Comes with your choice of Potatoes. All for $8.95


Steak and Seafood Night at Martha’s!

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– All You Can Eat Fried Catfish – $11.95 (no sharing or take out)

– Broiled Seafood Combo – $14.95 (catfish, shrimp & scallops)

– Frog Legs – $12.95

– Fried Shrimp Dinner – $13.95

– Blackened Salmon Dinner – $14.95

– Full Rack BBQ Ribs – $14.95

– 12 oz Chopped Sirloin – $12.95

– 10 oz New York Strip and Shrimp (fried or broiled) – $16.95

– 14 oz T-Bone Steak with Shrimp or Scallops (fried or broiled) – $19.95

– Prime Rib – $16.95

– 16 oz Tomahawk Steak $23.95

All Dinners Include Your Choice of 2 Sides & Soup or Salad!

beach scene-paint-canvas

Make Your Reservation Now!

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This Is What We’re Painting!

Get Your Summer Started Right At

Martha’s Artful Dinner

where we’ll be dining and painting for fun!

Price is only $35 per person

tomahawk steak

Our May Chef Table Was A Big Success

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Everyone had a great time on

Monday Evening, at Martha’s Chef Table

where the center of attention was each couple’s

30 ounce French Long Bone Tomahawk Steak!

The Five Course meal was topped off with

Red Velvet Lava Cake with Ice Cream!

One of the attendees, Ronnie Garner, accepted a dare and wanted to eat his steak like a Cave Man…. but his wife, Penny, intervened! tomahawk steak

Join Us For Dinner Every Wed – Sat

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Every evening, Wednesday through Saturday,

Martha’s Family Restaurant provides full menu service –

We also have specials that focus on a different type of cuisine each evening!