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Robert And His Famous “Robert Wrap”

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{CAPTION}We’ve all seen the cute television commercial where customers are allowed to name their own sandwiches – well guess what? Martha’s Diner and Family Restaurant has been doing that for a long time!

Case in point: Regular customer Robert, aka “Wingnut”, special ordered a somewhat low carb Breakfast Wrap that you could say was a Sausage and Cheese Omelet wrapped in healthy Pita Bread. The whole wrap is then wrapped tightly in recyclable foil.

If you’re eating in, the chef cuts it into two pieces. If you’re getting it “To Go”, he leaves it all wrapped up and I can almost guarantee it will still be warm at lunch or for sure when you take your morning break. The proper way to eat this wrap and make it a complete meal is to put hot sauce on the first half and, for dessert, pour honey into the second half because Martha always said, “Good food is great but no meal is complete until you have dessert!”

Tip: If you’re not on a diet, the chef will also stuff it with crispy hashbrowns.

For $4.95 (currently) the “Robert Wrap” is the most healthy (relatively speaking), most filling and most lip-smackin’ sandwich you’ve ever allowed yourself to be tackled by! ¬†After this breakfast sandwich “whoops up on ya”, you’ll have enough strength to easily make it through the day – all the way to “knockin off time”!